Electric Boat Tour on the Tagus River

Discovering the Tagus river in an ecological way

To sail Rio-a-Dentro is to discover a unique piece of the Tagus, a river full of natural beauty and life. Here, nature is generous: green banks, secondary channels, small islands, birds and fish. Explore this little-known part of the Tagus. A true natural paradise for those who like photography, bird watching or for those who simply want to relax.

PRICE: 30 € (15 € child)
Children up to 5 years old are free


Your Green Tour

We go aboard the “Rio-a-Dentro” vessel, at Escaroupim’s Pier or Salvaterra de Magos’ Marina. Always depends on the tide and time of day. Then we flow by the waters and currents, silently through the green banks of willows and ash trees.

First, we go zigzagging among islands, shoals and secondary channels. Only then we can visit those places that seem the paradise. Horses grazing freely on the islands, hundreds of different species of birds and fish jumping in the river. Places that only we usually see on picture postcards and television documentaries.

If the tide allow, we sail through islands and secondary channels, places lost in time where rarely anyone goes. All to see some of the many “magic corners” that Tagus River holds and where hundreds of birds live, nest or roost.

Bring comfortable clothes, camera and binoculars. In summer, bring your  bathing suit to be able to swim.

Information about the vessels
Nature is first, we want to preserve this unique heritage. Thus, we like to leave as few “ecological footprints” as possible during our trip along the Tagus River.
One option was to acquire one of the vessels, with an electric motor, which is environmentally friendly, has zero CO2 emissions. And it’s totally silent, it doesn’t release oil into the water, nor smell of fuel. The other vessel, although having a combustion engine, is also an “environmentally friendly” engine. It is also one of the most modern and efficient in its category available on the market. Both boats are extremely safe, comfortable and have a 360º panoramic view, ideal for sailing for responsible bird watching. They were thought and designed in detail to provide a relaxing nature walk, even for those who are not very comfortable on boats.

Meet your Green Stays Ambassador :

The river helps them to think and get balance. They remember when they were children sailing a boat with their grandfather Tomás. With him, they got to know the Tagus and its rhythms. And when we “inherit a river from your grandparents,” you have a duty and an obligation to preserve it.

That’s why they created Rio-a-Dentro? Because we only “love what you know.” Rui and Luis believe that to make the Tagus River known is to help to preserve its fauna and flora, and bring to life the memories and stories of the local comunity.

They want visitors to feel how the river is a “living organism” and to be interested in its future. And they work every day to achieve it.

1% for our Planet!

For each trip you take with us, we contribute with 1%  to a reforestation program. Get to know our Sustainability Policy.

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