Sustainability Policy

We are a Tour Operator that organizes sustainable trips, guaranteeing its clients a truly authentic and unforgettable experience, respecting the Environment and Local Communities.

For us all trips are unique and we prepare each tour with very special care, in order to provide experiences that will remain forever in our memory.

Because Sustainability also means Responsibility, we contribute to minimize our ecological footprint. We consider Climate Change to be one of the main problems facing humanity today, so we offset our CO2 emissions. For each trip we organise, we contribute 1% of the value to a reforestation programme.


In this way, they are part of our commitments:

  • Assume the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism;
  • Prevent the negative impacts of our activities and maximize the positive impacts;
  • Continuously improve our services so that our customers are always satisfied with the experiences we have to offer them;
  • Respect, value and preserve the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the communities we visit;
  • Innovate every day in the area of socio-cultural, environmental and economic sustainability.

Green Stays, the sustainable way of traveling.

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