Baía da Barca

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on Pico Island you can live a dream come true. On one of the best islands in the world for sustainable tourism, 8 Km away from the airport, you will find in the Bay of Barca Nature in its purest state and the tranquility you have always dreamed of.

With direct access to the sea from the resort, you can relax on a sofa made of stone while watching an unforgettable sunset and enjoying its small natural pool. 


The Baía da Barca tourist resort was created with the purpose of promoting Nature Tourism and educating the population about the advantages of living in harmony with it. As such, the development uses rainwater tanks for use, heat pumps and solar panels that provide hot water to the development. When visiting Baía da Barca you will notice that all the lamps are low consumption and the pool water is extracted directly from the sea avoiding the use of chemicals in its treatment.

Its architecture allies the modern to what is more natural in the island, the volcanic rock, having been built and decorated with the basalt of the region.


Baía da Barca provides accommodation and breakfast service leaving everything else to the client, such as transportation and catering. However, the staff helps all guests who need suggestions of places to eat and visit during their stay.



Air conditioning


What to do

– Visit Vila da Madalena

– Whale Watching

– Mountain walks

– Visit the protected landscape of Pico Island wine culture (World Heritage, UNESCO)

How to get there

Pico Island is four hours away from the American mainland and two hours from the European mainland by plane. SATA Air Açores is the airline responsible for internal flights between the islands of the archipelago. For more information visit

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