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Passionate about the culture and nature of the North of Portugal, visiting whenever possible the different protected areas in search of new experiences and places to share. For over 15 years, he has been working as a nature guide in mainland Portugal and the Azores. Collaborating in parallel in several projects of responsible tourism and rural development.



Casa das Palmeiras tells the story of my great-grandfather who in 1924 gave birth to this place, originally a farm in Beira Alta.

The farm was abandoned for several years until my parents decided to leave the city for the village, dedicating themselves to making it a place to live.

For more than 10 years working in the industry and consulting as an Environmental Engineer, until 2012 I decided to change my life and return to the village to continue what my great-grandfather left and the dream I had to give life to to Casa das Palmeiras with a rural tourism project.

Now that the dream has come true, you are invited to be part of it too!



Always dedicated to the interpretation of nature, Fernando Romão has 25 years of experience guiding groups through mountains and natural areas of Portugal and Spain. Along this path, he has gone through several projects related to tourism animation and ecotourism, nature conservation, he has co-authored 2 itineraries of natural routes and made several specific formations in Sport-Adventure, Tourism and Nature Interpretation. At the same time, he is also part of the editorial team of Foge comingo!, a small company that is dedicated to the production and edition of tourist guides in Portugal.



The river helps them think and get balance. They remember when they were children riding a boat with their grandfather Tomás, they got to know the Tagus and its rhythms with him. And when you “inherit a river from your grandparents,” you have a duty and an obligation to preserve it.

That’s why they created Rio-a-Dentro? Because you only “love what you know.” Rui and Luis believe that to make the Tagus River known is to help preserve the fauna and flora, is to bring to life the memories and stories of the river people.

They want visitors to feel how the river is a “living organism” and to be interested in its future. And they work every day to achieve it.

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